Can a segment have a controller

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Can a segment have a controller

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Can a segment have a controller, if so what type?
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Re: Can a segment have a controller

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Yes. A segment, aka static display is one that displays numbers, icons and a few letters. Most Segment displays use a 4:1 mux or a 1:1 mux.

A 4:1 mux means there are four (4) segments tied to every one pin. The display then runs as a 25% duty cycle. On a 1:1 mux (multiplex), there is one pin for every one segment.

This works okay if you have less than 80 or so segments, but if you have more segments, you can add a controller/driver and convert this to a SPI or a I2C or even a parallel interface.

When adding an IC chip (controller/driver) it is good to add a cable to connect the LCD to your driver board.

The majority of segment displays are custom, which means the engineer/user chooses the size and number of icons they want.
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