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Initializing E43RB-FW405-C

Posted: Thu Aug 05, 2021 11:50 pm
by titomjr
Im trying to initialize a E43RB-FW405-C touch screen with an stm32F469Zi that is to be used with touchGFX. In cubeMX, I've set the DSI, LTDC, DMA, I2C configurations as well as touchGFX and all the clock configurations necessary. I used the code example from application note FAN4214 to finish setting up the screen in cubeIDE. I have set up the touchGFX project to show just a red screen so I can at least see the screen working. However I am not getting anything to show up. Is there additional setup to go along with that application note?
As a side note, we were advised to start off with a touchGFX project and then import later but touchGFX only lets you make projects for a simulator or a premade kit, correct? I tried making one as a simulator to import into cubeIDE but it wouldn't work since there was no .ioc file to pull from. I'm just trying to get something to pop up on the screen so any advice will help.